Glacier View Meadows Community

Glacier View Meadows


Glacier View Meadows is a private mountain subdivision located in Larimer County, Colorado approximately 35 miles northwest of Fort Collins, recognized by numerous national publications as one of America’s top cities.

Named for its commanding views of the snowfields in the 13,500-foot Mummy Range to the south and for its lush rolling meadows, Glacier View Meadows is graced by dramatic rock outcroppings and mature stands of ponderosa pine, Douglas fir and aspen. Developed in the early 1970’s, the community today contains 967 home sites on approximately 3,000 acres at elevations ranging from 6,900 to 7,800 feet. A quiet mountain living experience is provided by lot sizes generally ranging from 1 – 10 acres. Nearly 600 homes have been built to date, the majority of which are primary residences for retirees or commuters to nearby Fort Collins. Many other Glacier View Meadows owners enjoy vacation homes or camp on their property.

Glacier View Meadows enjoys a very pleasant climate, with average summer daytime temperatures in the mid-seventies or low-eighties. Brief periods of subzero temperatures occur each winter, but the average winter daytime temperature is approximately 30 degrees. Annual snowfall and rainfall averages are 72″ and 18″ respectively. Heaviest snows generally occur in March and April.

Glacier View Meadows landscape in the mountains of Northern Colorado
Beautiful mountain meadow in Glacier View Meadows


Wildlife is abundant. Deer browse in yards and sleep under decks. Elk are frequently seen in Glacier View’s southernmost valleys. Mountain lions, black bears, bobcats and coyotes are occasionally seen but remain elusive. Within the subdivision are four hiking trails and three fishing ponds stocked regularly with trout during the summer. The surrounding Roosevelt National Forest and, a few miles to the south, the rugged Cache La Poudre Wilderness, offer unlimited horseback riding, hiking camping and hunting. Cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing can be enjoyed within a few minutes of the development. Numerous platted greenbelts scattered throughout the subdivision ensure that Glacier View Meadows will remain pristine for the enjoyment of future generations.

Glacier View Meadows offers a variety of recreational and community activities, including monthly pot luck dinners, children’s parties, special breakfasts and a bimonthly newsletter. The town of Red Feather Lakes approximately 14 miles west offers a library, several restaurants and general stores, and one of Colorado’s finest private 18 hole golf courses (Fox Acres).

Community Services

The subdivision is governed by two property owner’s associations, managed by five member boards of directors that meet monthly. Directors are elected at a joint annual meeting held in late June. The Association office is located at 1417 Green Mountain Drive near Gate 8 on County Road 74E. The Association phone number is (970) 493-6812, and the Association website is

The Glacier View Meadows Road and Recreation Association plows and grades roads, maintains hiking trails and picnic areas, stocks the subdivision’s 3 fishing ponds and oversees a variety of other recreational activities. 

The Glacier View Meadows Water and Sewer Association administers the subdivision’s water rights augmentation plan, operates community water and wastewater systems serving approximately 200 properties and provides water hauling services (fee based) for properties served by cisterns. Membership in the Water and Sewer Association entitles Glacier View property owners to obtain well permits for the properties not served by community systems. Information regarding costs associated with the community water and sewer systems can be found on the association website:

Protective covenants providing for architectural control, establishing minimum dwelling sizes ranging from 800 – 1200 square feet (footprint area) and limiting certain activities are in place to protect and enhance property values. Travel trailers and RVs may be placed on lots for up to six months in any calendar year. Horses are allowed on designated lots. For more information, the association website is

Most lots have ready access to electricity and telephone which are provided by Poudre Valley R.E.A. (970-226-1234) and CenturyLink (800-261-6749). Trash dumpsters and a recycling facility are centrally located near the Association office.

Glacier View elementary students attend either the Livermore School approximately 10 miles east, or the Red Feather Lakes School approximately 14 miles west. Junior high and high school students attend La Porte and Fort Collins schools respectively. Buses pick up and return students on well-maintained County Road 74E, also known as the Red Feather Lakes Road.

Fire protection is provided by the Glacier View Fire Protection District ( a tax-supported volunteer organization with a fire station located near the Association office at 1414 Green Mountain Drive. Emergency medical evacuation by helicopter to nearby hospitals in Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley is available. Law enforcement is provided by Larimer County Sheriff’s Department.

Dramatic thunderstorm over Glacier View Meadows in the northern Colorado mountains